Aunty’s Child Care Center

The Fall of 2019 saw the opening of Aunty’s Child Care Center in Lakeside! A fresh face on an old building created the perfect, intimate child care center. I wanted a place that wasn’t so large that I couldn’t get to know each child we enrolled. I am proud that I know each and every child and that they know me as well! Children are the reason I got into this business and I never want to lose sight of that.

Aunty’s Child Care – Lakeside location hosts four classrooms. Our infant room can care for up to 8 babies at a time. The toddler room can house 14, and each of the two preschool rooms are able to care for 20 children. This may seem like a lot of children, but compared to some of the warehouse style facilities that exist in child care, we are actually small and quaint!

We have three beautiful play spaces and we go on adventures in our neighborhood often! The preschoolers love to hike in the wooded areas with their teachers, learning and exploring. The infants love to walk on the Duluth Lakewalk down to the beach, and the Toddlers love to explore the neighborhood sidewalks and wave to the fun folks they encounter! The train goes by often in the summer and fall, and we can see the lake from our front yard! We are outdoor people and prefer to take our lessons outside whenever possible!

-April Westman, owner