Behavior/Social Skills

At Aunty’s Child Care, we know that we are training up the next generation.  Children are smart and learn a lot at a young age. That’s why it is so important to instill values and social skills while they’re growing and learning about the world.


This is our behavior chart. The kids start on Green- Ready to Listen each day and move up or down based on their choices. It’s a wonderful visual reminder of their choices and consequences and works so well! 

Aunty’s Childcare strives to ensure that our kiddos are all prepared for kindergarten. Behavior and social skills are our primary focus including appropriately expressing feelings and needs including using words when upset, playing well with other children, following directions, respecting our own and each other’s bodies and personal space, taking turns, sharing, cleaning up, and paying attention to tasks. These are the primary goals of kindergarten, so we strive to give the kids a good pre-k foundation here.

To uphold this structure, we have ground rules in place.   Below is part of the rules we have in place here.

  • No hitting, spitting, slapping, pinching, throwing things, hair pulling, biting or any otherwise hurtful actions toward any other person.
  • No name calling, foul language, or teasing each other.

As part of our non-violence atmosphere, we have a no guns or weapons policy.   At no time will we allow any form of weapon / gun in the daycare. This includes, but is not limited to: guns, knives, pocket-knives, swords, stun-guns, pepper spray, mace, nun-chucks or other martial arts accessories, lassos or hand-cuffs, smoke bombs, etc. This policy also includes all toy guns and other toy weapons such as plastic swords. Army toys are also strictly forbidden, as well as play or pretending other toys are guns. If your child is found to have a gun, any weapon, or dangerous substance in his or her possession while in daycare you will receive an immediate phone call informing you that you need to pick up your child immediately.  Aunty’s Childcare will require written assurance from you that your child will not ever bring any guns or other weapons to daycare before we will be able to accept your child for care again. If this is not provided, the terms of this contract will be voided immediately, and you will forfeit any deposits. Toy guns and swords may be fine for pretend play at home, but they are not suitable for a group care environment.

We help a lot with potty training and teach the kiddos how to take care of their own bathroom needs early on.

Here at Aunty’s Child Care, we work on teaching our kids responsibility, how to clean up after themselves, and the importance of helping out around the daycare.  Our kids are great helpers!

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