Daycare Life

Aunty’s Child Care is a step above your average in-home daycare because not only do we provide quality care, work with a nutrition program to ensure that your child is offered balanced and healthful meals; keep a substitute caregiver on standby in case of personal illness. The walls are painted with fun characters including a giant Dora the Explorer with Boots, Scooby Do, Blue’s Clues, Spongebob, Nemo, and many more, and this clean and fun atmosphere is also safe as the only focus is taking care of children. It is also super safe as we don’t even keep cleaning supplies etc in the daycare at all, each and every room has an emergency exit, and my 100% fenced in yard is nice and big for playing!

We have a daily schedule to add structure and balance to your child’s day, and we fill the hours not with TV but with arts & crafts, educational flash cards, games, puzzles, music and dancing, story time, and toy time. I am also quite proud that I taught my then 1 year old nephew to communicate using baby sign language, and I would love to teach your kids as well!