Kids Activities

Free Play

Our days are packed with structured learning and physical activity times, but we include plenty of free play time as well.  Not only does this give the kids time to interact with each other in multiple ways, it encourages them to use their imaginations and simply be a kid.

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Gross Motor Activities

We do many gross motor skills during group time such as running, jumping, walking backwards, etc.

We love playing outside!  We have a huge yard that we spent as much time in, weather permitting.  We switch out the toys frequently to keep things exciting, and have fun activities like an interactive water tower, drawing with chalk, racing our play cars, making a water slide, chasing bubbles, and tending our garden.

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We do kids yoga!  We follow teacher’s example of poses, or check out creative Cosmic Kids Yoga.

cosmic kids yoga

We love doing exercises to get the wiggles out of our bodies!  We practice following directions and controlling our bodies.

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