*Provide your child/ren with a loving, clean and nurturing environment for your child to flourish.

* Provide you open honest communications on your child’s day at daycare.

*Provide nutritious snacks and lunch; feel free to view my menu at any time, it hangs in the dining room.

*Provide all children age-appropriate educational and fun things to do.

* Help to teach your child good manners and social skills.

*Provide infants (12 months and under) with daily interactive play to explore and learn milestones.

*Be aware of any updates with childcare issues through support groups and local agencies.

*Email and post of any illness of children of families that attend my daycare.

* Notify you of any illness or injury of your child/ ren.

*Issue yearly statement of payments made for your taxes each January.


*Provide all necessary information on all registration forms in a timely manner.

*Make sure that the child’s immunizations are kept up to date, providing me copies of all records.

*Fees and copays must be paid on time each Friday (or last scheduled day of the week) at drop-off or pick-up of your child.  I should NOT have to remind you, you don’t have to remind your employer to pay you J (you will be required to pay late fees when your payment is late).

*Drop-off and pick-up child within times specified in your contract. If a change in hours needed please discuss with me.

*Keep child home when displaying signs of illness; arrange to get your child within 1 hour if they become ill during daycare.

*Notify me immediately if your child has a communicable disease by phone call or text.

*Notify me promptly of any changes in attendance; phone call or telling me is GREATLY appreciated.

*Provide all diapers, pull-ups, wipes and ointments needed.

*A change of (weather appropriate) clothing must be kept here at all times, two sets for potty-training children. Clothing must be labeled with your child’s initials.

*In summer months you will provide a hat, sunscreen, and bathing suit, towel and swimming diapers for water play(Please write child’s name on all items).

*In winter months you will provide a warm hat, mittens, snow pants, jacket and scarf (Please write child’s name on all items).

*Dress your child appropriately for the weather as we are outdoors all year round (weather permitting).

* Please read emails, newsletters, communications board posts, and Facebook posts (www.facebook.com/AuntysChildCare) on what is happening in daycare.