Potty Training

We help a lot with potty training and teach the kiddos how to take care of their own bathroom needs early on.

We are GREAT at potty training! These charts help children learn to use the potty with a reward system. When they reach a character on their map, they get a treat!


The decision of when to assist your child with potty training is your decision, and should be made based on your child’s signs of emotional and physical readiness. We will be happy to offer you verbal assistance; however, please do not request that we begin training your child until he/she has experienced prolonged toileting success in your own home.

Your child will need to remain in diapers or pull-ups during daycare hours until he/she has shown the ability to remain accident-free in daycare for period of at least two weeks. This is for several reasons: children often appear to be trained in a calmer and quieter home situation, but are not yet able to listen to their body’s signals when presented with the distractions of a group care environment. Asking us to allow your child to go without diapers before he or she is truly ready would cause unnecessary stress on your child, the daycare house, and the staff.

Please send child in loose fitting clothes that they can do themselves. We require at least 2 extra sets clothes when helping to potty train your child. When your child is fully trained, including no reminders or very minimum assistance then we will allow them to wear regular underwear.