Here at Aunty’s Child Care, we work on teaching our kids responsibility, how to clean up after themselves, and the importance of helping out around the daycare.  Our kids are great helpers!

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These lists are spot on with how your child develops and progresses. The kids at daycare have responsibilities and all help out. The 2-3 year-olds get cups (and know whose is whose by the first letter on the label), wipe tables, pick up toys, organize books, make beds. The 4-year-olds put the plates on the table, empty the table when the meals are done, sweep, vacuum, fold clothes, make beds, wash windows (all natural cleaners). I have to wash things after they do it as they don’t always do a perfect job, but the intention is not for them to clean a window perfectly or fold the towels the way I like, its for them to learn to help others, take on responsibility without complaining, and to practice the skills that will make them responsible, successful adults.