Aunty’s Child Care is the premier destination for child care services in Duluth, Minnesota. 

We focus heavily on social and emotional kindergarten readiness — we’re not just focused on reading some words and writing names, but we’re determined to develop a solid foundation of manners, respect, sitting and listening, focusing, following directions, respecting themselves, each other, their bodies and the earth.

Napping and body care are important, and healthy eating is one of the cornerstones of our programs. We have been distinguished as an Eco-Healthy Program center.

Lakeside Location

The age groups are separated into distinct classrooms: Infant, Toddler, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten.

We do not accept school-agers or after school or summer only children.


At our Lakeside Location, we provide full-time care (no part-time care is available). We accommodate some drop-in care at times, but it is not guaranteed. We focus on kindergarten readiness through a hands-on play approach and utilize Love and Logic Guidance. We are not a traditional Montessori school as we don’t fully agree with all Montessori concepts, but we tend to lean towards that theory. We also subscribe to the practice of getting children outdoors as much as possible! We integrate these elements into a program that works for the children we serve.

We have huge fenced in yards for the separate age groups. and lots of play equipment and parks close by. We are a two-star Parent Aware and are currently working on earning four stars (the max) for award date of July 2021!

Spirit Valley Location

Serves children aged two (2) to kindergarten.

Subscribes to a play-based learning curriculum and creates healthy home-cooked meals daily.

Established in 2010, our Spirit Valley location is a family child care center. It serves ages two to kindergarten, no school-agers. On occasion — space permitting — we take a school-ager for the summer, but this is not a typical practice. This particular location is an apartment that is set up as a preschool! No one lives in this apartment. The yard is quite large and there are several parks nearby for outdoor adventures!

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