House Rules

  1. Personal toys are to be left at home.
  1. Place belongings such as jacket and shoes in cubby, not on floor. 
  1. No hitting, spitting, slapping, pinching, throwing things, hair pulling, biting or any otherwise hurtful actions toward any other person.
  1. No intentionally breaking things.
  1. No running, jumping on furniture including beds and the couch, and no climbing the tree or throwing things outside such as mulch or rocks.
  1. No picking up the babies or toddlers.
  1. No leaving the house or yard without permission.
  1. No name calling, foul language, or teasing each other.
  1. NO GUM ALLOWED and all food and drink is to be consumed at the table.
  1. Wash hands when entering care, before and after meals, after using the bathroom, and when returning inside from playing outside.
  1. Please leave the dog alone, no climbing on or teasing him.
  1. Pick up toys time is for everyone!

Please familiarize yourself and your child/ren with our house rules prior to starting care.  These rules start the second your child steps into daycare, whether you are present or not.  When two authority figures are present, the situation will be tested at one point or another to see if rules still apply.   We will remind your child if inappropriate behavior is being displayed and expect your full cooperation and for you to back up the staff when they enforce a rule, and we will gladly do the same for you.