Medical Policies

General Sickness

We are a well child only facility. Your child must be in good health to attend. We do not allow a child with multiple symptoms to attend as they will spread the illness to others. It is up to each of us to do our part to prevent sickness from spreading. If your child is attending, has a negative Covid-19 test, but reaches a point when he or she requires constant attention, will not play, cries continuously, whines, and wants to be held constantly, then your child will need to be home. 

In general, if your child is too sick to go out and play, he or she is too sick to be in daycare. We will expect you to make swift arrangements to come and take your child home within 1 hour of such an occurrence (ideally much sooner).

Please do not ever ‘dose and drop’ your child. This will result in immediate termination of care. Dose and Drop means that you have given fever reducing medications in the morning and brought your child to our care although they required medications. We cannot have any child here who is in need of fever reducing medications and this sort of breach in trust and partnership between us and parents will not be tolerated. 

At Aunty’s we will notify you immediately for a swift pick up if your child has any of the following conditions:

An underarm temperature of 100 degrees or higher

An oral or ear temperature of 101 or higher

Nasal discharge that is green or yellow



Conjunctivitis or “pink eye”

Consistently complains of stomach or ear ache 

Head lice

Has a rash (non-heat related)

Any other symptom of a communicable disease

Your child(ren) must display 24 hours of health before they may return to care

Medication Assistance

Please dispense all medications at home whenever possible. When this is not possible, we require written permission and instructions to administer medications, sunscreens, diapering products, and insect repellents.

Please collect and fill out the Medication Administration Permission form from your Aunty’s location for any over the counter medications that must be administered during daycare hours. After completion, please drop back off at your Aunty’s location with the prescription medication.

Additionally, prescription medication must have the child’s full name and directions printed on the label and must be in the original container with the doctor and pharmacy information printed on it.


At Aunty’s Child Care, we are also required to have your child’s current immunization record on file. This record can be obtained directly from your child’s physican or online through MyChart or MyHealth. Please provide an updated copy of the immunization record whenever your child receives a new immunization or a booster of any kind, including the Flu shot and Covid-19 immunization. It is your responsibility to keep your child up to date and to provide us updated records regarding immunizations. 

Please contact Aunty’s Child Care if your child(ren) is unable to receive their immunizations due to health reasons.

We strongly recommend you schedule immunization appointments on a Friday so that your child has the weekend to rest and recouperate before joining us again!

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