The safety of the children is of top priority here at Aunty’s Child Care.  We have monthly fire/emergency drills, practice emergency situations (such as stop, drop, and roll), and have emergency supplies and protocols in place for various scenarios.  It is also super safe as I don’t even keep cleaning supplies etc in the daycare at all, each and every room has an emergency exit.  In addition, the building is inspected regularly for fire safety. Our meeting place for a fire emergency is the back corner of the lot by the trash bins.

We have annual visits from the police department, fire department, and other community members.  This teaches us what their occupation is like, as well as the how they can help us.  We learn that police officers, fire fighters, etc are our friends and here to help us, and not to be feared.  This knowledge could save a child’s life in an emergency situation.

Police Officer Visit

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Fire Department Visit