Aunty’s Child Care

Do you need quality and affordable child care for your little one?  Our rates are very reasonable and affordable, and the quality of care is unmatched!  We are two separately licensed daycare facilities in one convenient location!  We both have many references, and we are sure that if you visit our daycares, you and your children will absolutely love it! Check out the photos!

It makes me so happy to see my kids playing outside every day in this beautiful weather! You make an effort to get them out there every chance you can. Thank you for taking good care of them!

Happy to see my kids outside every day!

You know what rocks? Daycare providers who are awesome enough to risk letting your child wear big boy pants as a means to help them become potty trained. By Henry’s choice which is even better. Aunty’s Child Care

Thank you!

Excellent at Potty Training…