Healthy Kids

Aunty's Child Care is an Eco-Healthy Child Care Endorsed Programs

What makes a facility eco-healthy?

The Children’s Environmental Health Network partners with child care professionals to eliminate environmental hazards found in or around child care facilities. There is a growing demand from parents for healthier and greener child care settings that reduce exposures to environmental health hazards.

The Network endorses facilities (center and family child care) that comply with at least 24 of 30 simple, free or low-cost environmentally healthy best practices found on a distinguished checklist. View some of the practices:

Pesticides and Pest Prevention

We use non-toxic techniques inside and outside of the facility to prevent and control pests (both insects and weeds).

Air Quality

We avoid conditions that lead to excess moisture. We maintain adequate ventilation. We repair water leaks and keep humidity within a desirable range (30-50%).

No Smoking Zone

During operating hours, we prohibit smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes or “vaping”, anywhere on the premises or insight of children.

Trash Removal

We ensure that all areas of our care centers are scanned for trash and hazardous materials. Our Lakeside & Spirit Valley locations are cleaned daily in order to promote healthy, safe, and practical conditions for all. 

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating is the cornerstone of our program at Aunty’s Child Care. Children do not get nearly enough nutrition education in school, so we strive to promote healthy eating habits and good eating choices! Children have to try a food up to 10 times before they learn to like it. We cook only healthy, nutritious foods and don’t serve ‘junk’ food or sugary foods as nutrition is an extremely important part of a young person’s development. The habits we in still now will follow your child for a lifetime!

We bake and cook with the kids present and they participate whenever they can do so safely so that they can understand how food is prepared and nourishes our bodies, and we garden in the summer.

Aunty’s Child Care participates in a federally funded food program and is required to serve nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks. Please do not send alternative food with your child unless they have food allergies or are on a special diet. If your child requires special food, please label it with your child’s name and the date.

FIT Fruit & Vegetable Wash

At Aunty’s Child Care, we use FIT Fruit & Vegetable Wash! FIT is a 100% natural way to clean your fresh produce — it removes any wax and 98% more chemicals than water alone! We typically use FIT on all the produce that is prepared for the kids at Aunty’s. 

FIT Fruit & Vegetable Wash can be found at most grocery stores (i.e. Cub). The spray is relatively cheap and the big bottles last a long while. 

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