Pick Up & Drop Off

We will not under any circumstances release your child into the custody of anyone other than his or her parent or legal guardian, or contacts as indicated by the signatures on our contract. If you wish to have anyone else pick up your child, you will need to submit it in writing. This is a strict policy for the safety of your child.

Pick Up Policy

Every Minute Late = $1/minute

This rate applies to exactly one minute outside your contracted hours, so if you are late to pick up your child, you will be charged for any portion of time outside of your contracted hours. For example, if your childcare contracted time ends at 5:30 pm, and you pick your child up at 5:35, you will be charged a $5 late fee. If your contracted time ends at 5:30 pm and you arrive at 5:50 to pick up your child, you will be charged $20. This policy is strictly enforced as Aunty’s Child Care has to pay employees overtime when you are late, and we don’t always have space for your child to stay past his or her contracted hours per our license. We are not legally allowed to care for children beyond our hours of operation. In order to enforce this policy, we will immediately terminate the contract of any family upon the second occurance of picking up past 5:30pm.

Drop Off Policy

Moral of the Story: Please Refrain from Dropping Your Child(ren) Off Early

It is also just as important that you do not bring your children into our care until your scheduled time.  We have strict ratios to maintain and being early can potentially throw off these ratios. We will occasionally make exceptions if you must drop off early for a special circumstance, but all requestes must be made in advance.

Drop Off Transitions

Drop Off Transition Tips

Transition times can be stressful for some children, in the morning they may not want to say good-bye to you and at pick up time they may not want to go because they are involved with a fun. This is a natural occurrence and may vary with your child’s age and developmental stage.  To ease the situation, we encourage parents to take a moment to help their child feel comfortable and to adjust by offering positive statements.  A parent who is reluctant to depart makes this transition time harder for their child.  Although parents should never sneak out without saying good-bye to their child, a brief good-bye works best.  Crying will usually stop after a few minutes of your departure.  Children of all ages adjust to transition times differently.  Most do not like to be rushed or wait too long once they are ready to depart.  This is especially true during the colder months when children may get uncomfortable in their outside clothes.  When leaving, please do not allow children to run out to your car while you are still inside!  There may be a car in the street and serious injury can occur.  All doors and gates are not to be opened by children ever, even in the company of their parents. Please use the phrase ‘teacher touch’ or ‘parent touch’ for such items and correct your children when they attempt to open doors or gates as it is strictly enforced here.

Any Questions or Concerns?

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