About Us

April Westman, Owner

Aunty’s Child Care was started in 2010 as a way for April to spend quality time with her nieces and nephews, and to ensure they were receiving the best care possible in the most vulnerable and important stage in their childhood, birth to kindergarten.

Aunty’s quickly gained a reputation in the greater Duluth area as a quality environment with healthy home-cooked meals, a play-based learning curriculum, and an owner who truly cares about the children and families served.

Aunty’s Child Care is a step above your average daycare because not only do we provide quality care, but we are one of the few places that has earned an eco-healthy rating for our commitment to teaching children to care for the earth, and we integrate nutrition into your child’s life to ensure your child is offered balanced and healthful meals.  This clean and fun atmosphere is a safe place for children to learn and grow!

All primary caregivers have an abundance of training including Infant and Pediatric CPR and First Aid, Sudden Unexplained Infant Death, Abusive Head Trauma, a wide assortment of supervision and Social and Emotional classes as well! We exceed the annual state required training hours and are Parent Aware rated as well!

Feel the Difference

At Aunty’s Child Care, we have core “pillars” or “cornerstones” of beliefs that support our everyday activities. There are four core beliefs on which everything centers at our locations.

Healthy Eating

Children do not get nearly enough nutrition education in school, so we strive to promote healthy eating habits and good eating choices.


A child’s educational success in large part depends on families, educators, peers and relevant members of the community.


Sharing new experiences and solving problems with others leads to a greater sense of connectedness – as well as meaningful learning experiences.


We work on teaching our kids responsibility, how to clean up after themselves, and the importance of helping out around the daycare. Our kids are great helpers!

Aunty's is Parent Aware Accredited

We reach for the stars!

To participate in Parent Aware, child care and early education programs must go above and beyond basic child safety and health standards in the state of Minnesota. Aunty’s Child Care-Lakeside is currently Parent Aware Accredited, holding a Four-Star accreditation!

Evaluates learning activities, materials, classroom layout, and health-related practices to set goals for growth

Plans school-readiness activities for children

Guides families through their children’s transition to kindergarten

Plans for continued learning and professional growth

Shares information with families in ways that meet their unique needs

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